Select the single or dual angle shape from the left slide out shape menu.

Method A

  1. Drag a circle from the tool bar and pause over the angle vertex. Wait for the popup to show you attachment points and then select “Shape Point.”
  2. Release and drag again to define the radius of the circle. The radius size doesn’t matter, so pick a radius that is big enough to work with.
  3. Drag a line segment over one of intersection points between the circle and a leg of the angle and pause. Wait for the popup and select “line-circle intersection.”
  4. Release and drag the other end of the segment over the other circle-leg intersection point and select “line-circle intersection” for the attachment.
  5. Drag the “Perpend” (i.e. Perpendicular) line over the midpoint of the line segment that you just drawn (i.e., chose “midpoint” from the popup box).

Example-Bisect Angle