v1.1 – Released Feb. 6, 2012 on Apple’s App Store
Version for the iPhone


KanDo is a fun interactive application designed to test your fine motor skills and manual dexterity while you perform some simple but interesting tasks. The tasks for each challenge is selected help measure your relative fine motor skills performance changes over time while completing some tests designed to capture steadiness, accuracy, reaction, precision and other metrics. The goal is to do your best and to achieve the highest possible scores. There are three difficulty levels for each category and several tasks per category. See how well you can do the tasks and compare your results over time and with your friends. The last 100 results from each task are stored and graphed for historical comparison.

Additional Information

The KanDo application was released by Apple to the App Store on Feb 5th 2012. Feel free to send me constructive feedback and comments about this page or associated application to the email address listed below. Future updates will be greatly influenced by your comments and suggestions.

Initial feedback indicated that this is a great app for the iPad. Even though it was written for the iPhone and iPod, the larger screen on the iPad makes it easier for some people see and to interact with the application. KanDo was primarily targeted for the “Fitness and Health” category on Apple’s app store with a secondary category of “Entertainment.” Other feedback suggested that this application could be used by Physical Therapist to provide a fun and quantitative method to measure their patient’s improvement in their coordinate and reaction performance.

Known issues and bugs with v1.1

  • Minor: During the final build and release stages, the direction arrow (seen in the “Tracing Accuracy” image above) were accidentally changed to really small arrows. Scheduled to be fixed in next release.
  • Minor: After changing the graph minimum percentage and tapping on the “Stats” screen the graphs do not reflect the change until you tap on the Settings screen and then back to the Stats screen. Scheduled to be fixed in next release.
  • Minor: Within the “Reaction” performance module test, the initial “test” sequence for the slider test will timeout quicker than it should. Scheduled to be fixed in next release.